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Gift Card Maze
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Gift Card Maze

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Giving someone a gift card ensures that they can get what they want for a birthday, a wedding, the winter holidays and other occasions. While gift card gifts are always appreciated, sometimes, you want to give someone more than just a simple piece of plastic for a special event. On those occasions, the TechTools Gift Card Maze is the perfect way to add fun to your gift!

The TechTools Gift Card Maze is a gift card holder unlike anything you've seen before. Not a sleeve or a folder, this gift card holder is a clear plastic vault with a puzzle maze inside. In order to open the gift card maze and get to the gift card, the recipient of your gift first needs to turn the puzzle this way and that to roll the metal ball bearing to the other side! It's challenging yet simple enough for any adult or child to do successfully.

Measuring 5.5 inches by 3.5 inches in size, the TechTools Gift Card Maze is perfectly proportioned to hold all types of standard gift cards. You can also use the gift card maze for giving cash gifts in fun new ways! Once the gift card holder has been opened, it can be sealed again. Kids can play with the puzzle over and over, or the gift card maze can be reused to make another present extra special. The heavy-duty plastic construction ensures that the gift card holder will last for years to come.

Why give a plain old gift card when you can give someone special a gift card and a fun, memorable experience at the same time?

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Solve the maze to release your gift card Best way to present your gift Could be used for cash too

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