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Hand-Drawn Cards: Volume One
(click images to enlarge) Hand-Drawn Cards: Volume One

Hand-Drawn Cards: Volume One

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Tired of spending half your day looking for that perfect greeting card?

Well, the time has come for you to give up such frivolous pursuits and pick up where you left off at the age of 10 - you will now, from this day forth, MAKE YOUR OWN CARDS. That's right! You will create the cheesiest, funniest, most off-the-wall cards your friends and family have ever known. You'll do so simply with your talent to draw stick figures and this book of sample cards for inspiration.

Enclosed in Volume One of HAND-DRAWN CARDS are 25 of my very own, tested and grandmother-approved, greeting cards designed specifically for giving gift cards.

Do you give your friends and family members gift cards to popular places like Outback, Olive Garden, Lucille’s, and Starbucks? What about retail stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart?

If you do, you’re like most people. But, with the creative and humorous cards in this book, you will find an eccentric and personal way to present your gift.

Ultimately, these cards are starting points for you to customize a simple drawing and a few cheesy lines in order to show people that you know something about them - that you care. (That’s the aim of a gift, isn’t it?) So grab your markers and printer paper. Show the world just how cheesy you can be.

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